Saturday, December 02, 2006

Oh Christmas Tree!

Christmas is just around the corner, and I like to decorate early. I also like to take down early and get my house spanking-clean to ring in the New Year. So this year, we put up our "Children's Tree" in our family room on the day after Thanksgiving.

The great thing about our new house is that I can have this "Children's Tree" in our family room, and my "Pretty Tree" in the formal living room. The Children's Tree consists of all kid-friendly, soft, or homemade ornaments. I like to have a tree where every ornament has a story, and this tree definitely achieves that. There are ornaments from my youth, and as we hang them Hatfield begs me to again tell her which ornaments were the ones that Aunt Stephanie and I used to fight over when we were little; there are ornaments that my children made; and special ornaments given to them as gifts over the years by beloved family members.

As showcased by my little Vanna's in the above photo, you can further see that the Children's Tree does not have any edible and/or chokable ornaments on its lower 3.5 feet, making it both Baby Friendly and Beagle Friendly. The one and only Christmas Tree Rule in our house is once a child hangs an ornament, no adult can move that ornament to a more pleasing location. Last year all the ornaments on the tree were in the lower 3.5 feet, which Atticus could easily reach. It looked funny and the boughs were drooping, but it was precious and no one was allowed to touch it!

Furthermore, we had the sturdiness of the Children's Tree tested this year by Mr. Atticus, and it passed with the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. Yesterday morning I awoke to find 4 Spidermans, 1 Wolverine, 2 Doc Ocs and 1 SpideyCycle perched among the tree's upper branches. Apparently our little home decorator stood on the arm and back of the couch to reach those precarious places, and the tree didn't move an inch. . .now that's sturdy!

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