Saturday, December 02, 2006

A Changing of the Seasons

Gone is our Thanksgiving week of 60 degree temps and here to stay is the harsh, cold winter. Want proof? I now have damp hats, mittens, socks and snow pants hanging over the heat vent to dry! Further proof? My husband has thanked me about a million times for "forcing" him to decorate the outside of the house during the week of 60 degree temps!

I'll put a picture of our home adorned with Christmas lights in a later blog. . .but here's my food for thought. Green Bay has a "Grizzy Tour." Named for the Griswald home in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, this tour features a double decker tour bus which travels around the city viewing all the over-the-top holiday homes in the area. Apparently homeowners need to apply to get a spot on the tour, and as the tour becomes more well-known, the competition is becoming fierce. I SOOOO want to be a home on the tour next year! So if you're looking for me on December 26th, I'll be at our local Wal-jhar buying all the clearance-tagged tacky outdoor Christmas decor that I can get my hot little hands on!

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