Friday, December 08, 2006

Burn Those Bibs!

Paloma's new cry: Burn those Bibs! Banish the Booster! Seek Independence!

Our dining experiences with Paloma are always an adventure. From a rather young age, she wanted nothing to do with her high chair because she had to be right at table level like her big sibs, right where the action is. So we put her in a booster seat and she seemed fine with that. Well no longer! Now our girl insists upon using a plain kitchen chair like the rest of us. . .only she needs to stand upon it. I've enjoyed the majority of my meals this week standing behind Paloma, with one hand outstretched just in case she stumbles.

The one department where she hasn't insisted on being like us is in the table manners department. For some reason there she has chosen to model herself after Ernie.

Yet with a face this cute, how could we get mad?

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