Friday, November 10, 2006

A Way with Words

I am of the personal opinion that one of the very best parts of being a parent to children between the ages of two and four is one's first-hand exposure to their creative use of the English language.

When Hatfield was four, I took her to see the musical Beauty and the Beast. She was captivated by it, sitting on the edge of her seat, her mouth wide open in awe; I was captivated by watching her and missed the first 20 minutes of the musical. We came home and from there on out, she proudly told people that she and her mom went to see "Judy and the Beast, Alive on Stage." For years, Hattie called worms "Slimeys" and proclaimed any gold object as "Peanut Butter." She outgrew that stage way too quickly, and now the girl has a command of the English language far superior to many adults: "Actually, Mom, I believe that finding a solution to the problem which would benefit everyone is our best option."

While we mourn the loss of Hatfield's kid-isms, we are now constantly delighted by Atticus's. Here are some of his most recent ones:

"Hatfield! I helped clean your room with mom! I picked up all the ponytails!" (meaning My Little Pony toys).

"Mom, I need TWO pumpkin suckers to have my superhero powers. Two for my powers," (ahhh, what power would that be? HyperBoy?)

"Oh no, the gooses broke our pumpkins." (Some rotten kids, during a nighttime prank, took apart my pumpkin luminaries and scattered them about the frontyard. Atticus is somehow under the impression that a flock of Canadian Geese did this. Don't ask us how.)

"Mom! Did you know that God is a Cowboy? And he has teeth!" (He sings a song in school which calls God a cowboy. We're not quite certain where the teeth come in.)

"Ernie broke my heart. And my mouth." (Upon discovering that Ernie ate his vampire-wax lips.)

"I'm going to the man store with my dad!" (A trip to Home Depot!)

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