Sunday, November 26, 2006

Those Darn Batteries

Happy Belated Thanksgiving to All!

Our apologies for no holiday post. . .we hosted Thanksgiving here at our home and we were busy little bees from early morning to late night! We had a lovely holiday celebrated with the kids' Uncle Adam, Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Kevin, along with Sarah's friend Randi, her husband Ross and their boys Hunter and Lincoln. Randi's family just relocated here from Milwaukee days earlier, and we loved having them join us for a fun holiday!

Thanksgiving provided some unseasonably warm weather here, and the kids spent most of the day playing outside! I would have some great pictures of it for you, but my darn camera batteries went ka-pooey on me without barely a photo notice :( Never again!

We'll have more photos to come in the days ahead. . .so stay posted!
The Five Frozen Chamorros

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