Sunday, November 26, 2006


Our good friend Josh came over this afternoon to graciously take The Five Frozen Chamorro Christmas 2006 Photo, and so Cliff decided to fry up some lumpia for him. After the "photo shoot" and departure of our esteemed guest, the following conversation ensued:

Cliff: Should I get rid of the frying oil or keep it?
Sarah: Get rid of it.
Cliff: Really?
Sarah: Yes, get rid of it.
Cliff: Okay, I'll get rid of it.

A few hours later, Sarah fixes Atticus a snack and seats him at the table. Atticus asks for something to drink, and Sarah, seeing the two-liter 7-Up bottle on the counter, offers him that. Atticus, who rarely gets soda in this house, happily accepts. Sarah pours him a drink and goes back to planning the weekly menu.

Atticus: BLECH!! This 7-Up tastes bad!
Sarah: Oh, it must be flat.
Cliff, walking by, looking panicked: Did you say 7-Up?
Sarah: Yes, it must be flat.
Atticus: UGH! UGH! UGH! This tastes really really bad!
Sarah, closely examining the bottle.
Cliff: Oh my god! Did you pour him the oil?
Sarah, realizing that it's not 7-Up in the two-liter bottle but used vegetable oil: Oh my God, I gave him oil!
Atticus: Am I going to die?
Cliff: Quick! Give him Ginger Ale! You gave your son oil to drink!
Sarah, pouring the Ginger Ale: I told you to get rid of it! Why did you save it?
Atticus, looking horrified at the cup: Is this really Ginger Ale?
Sarah: Yes, honey, drink it up! Drink it up! Why didn't you get rid of it?
Cliff: I did get rid of it. I just didn't throw it out.
Atticus: My mom gave me oil to drink? Ack!

Parents of the Year! Right here!

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