Monday, November 06, 2006

How Does God Sound?

Here in an excerpt from my dinnertime conversation with Atticus:

Atticus: How does a baby get in your belly?
Mommy: God puts it there.
Atticus: Does he cut your belly?
Mommy: No, it's a miracle.
Atticus: What's a miracle?
Sarah: Cliff, what's a miracle?
Cliff: What's a miracle?
Atticus: What's a miracle?
Sarah: We're a family of genuises, I tell you!
Cliff: A miracle is God.
Atticus: Mrs. Johnson says God is a cowboy.
Atticus, changing subject: What does God sound?
Sarah, thinking that he means, What does God say, answers: He says that he loves all the children of the world.
Atticus, in disbelief at my obvious cluelessness: NOOOO, how does God sound? [In a low gravelly voice] Does he sound like this?
Sarah, laughing too hard to answer.
Atticus, now in a high falsetto voice: Does he sound like this? [In a spooky voice] Or this?
Atticus: So does God cut your belly open?
Sarah: We need to learn how to block the Discovery Health Channel.
Cliff: Amen to that.
Atticus: What does Amen mean?

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