Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween Tips from the Harried Homemaker

Here are some post-Halloween tips for my dear readers:

1. Never, ever put 2 pumpkins' worth of raw pumpkin seeds down your garbage disposal. Those slimy little buggers will give your disposal a loooonggg workout which may result in smoke and a vulgar burning smell.

2. Hard to believe, but a child-size set of rubber dracula fangs, if placed in one's dryer, can scar at least 86% of a laundry load. Meaning, if you have 22 articles of clothing in your laundry, 19 of them will come out besmudgeoned by melted neon green plastic fang ooze.

Happy Home-making!
Your Friend,
Sarah "Trying to Save Her Readers One Bloody Mishap at a Time" the Harried Homemaker

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