Monday, November 06, 2006

Family News

Well, the past few weeks have been a blur and so my postings have subsided a bit. . . Hatfield thought it would be a great idea for me to post a Family Update about everyone, and I think she's right! So here goes. . .

Hatfield's Public Service Announcement

Miss Hatfield would like to remind everyone that last month was National Fire Safety and Prevention Awareness month. As such, we took the opportunity to check all of the smoke detectors in our home and install some additional ones. We also installed carbon monoxide detectors on every floor. Hatfield and Cliff worked diligently on a fire escape plan, and hopefully the second floor window ladder that we ordered will arrive soon. When I was little, the fire department would hand out shiny silver reflective "+" signs to place in windows where people slept; we found it interesting that this practice is no longer employed.

In other Hattie news, she has a social calendar which puts her parent's to great shame. . .a party here, a playdate there, yet another party, and another. . .she has adjusted well to her new school here in GB and has made many new friends. Now I just need to finesse my carpool-coordinating skills!

The JabberJaw
Our Atticus loves to talk. And talk. And talk. He talks to us, his toys, himself, the walls, etc. Sometimes my ears kind of hurt by 2 in the afternoon from all the listening! :) Fortunately, he says such crazy and funny stuff that the listening is quite amusing. His newest thing is to tell Hatfield, when we are dropping her off at school, "Have a good day, Hattie. Remember, no fighting." While I think the comment is a riot, he always manages to thoroughly insult his sister with that one.

While I have yet to be successful keeping him quiet at home, he is able to handle himself quite well at preschool. Every morning the school gathers in the gymnasium for "Devotions." The children say the American flag pledge, the Christian flag pledge (who knew?), the school prayer, and "happy birthday" if it is is required. Every month a different class has the responsibilities of carrying in the flags, and that task is split among the students. Atticus had his turn this past month. I was so proud of how solemnly he carried the American flag, and how straight and tall he stood while holding it. I could see the quandry in his little head when he was supposed to hold his hands together in prayer, but yet knew that he shouldn't take his hands off the flag. And yes, he is wearing his "work" (aka necktie) in the photo.

Teething Stinks
Little Paloma is nearly 15 months old and still has only cut her two bottom teeth. She is now in the very drawn out, painful process of cutting 6 more teeth at once. . . the four top and two more bottom. The poor kid is an ooly drooly mess and bites on everything she can get her hands on or her mouth around (siblings included!). I'm hoping that one of these mornings the teeth will just all be there, but I think that's asking too much.

While we wait, Paloma continues to have a small vocabulary explosion. . "hello" "peek-a-boo" "at-ta" (Atticus) "hat-ta" (Hatfield) "ba-be" (baby) "eye" are all words she has tried out in the past week or so. "Uh-oh" continues to be her favorite word, and she certainly knows how to use it. Ernie the beagle thinks that "uh-oh" is Paloma's way of calling him, because he knows that food will typically follow. Like this morning at breakfast: Paloma: "Uh oh" dropping pancake onto the floor. "Uh-oh!" another pancake bite. Over and over. And oh yes, at Ernie's Friday afternoon vet checkup, the vet proclaimed him to be "fat."

And Last but Not Least. . Ernie
Ernie continues to be our noisy yet lazy, food scrounging beagle. He has been showing increased tolerance of the dark and cold weather due to the oppossum that has taken up residence under our deck. The little rodent ventures out into the yard every night and Ernie runs around, barking like mad. The other night he cornered the thing in our vegetable garden and just ran circles around him, barking, while the creature hissed and growled at him. The neighbors think we have a late-night 3-ringed circus in our backyard, and they're not too far off.

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