Sunday, November 26, 2006

Adventures in Shopping

So here I sit on a Sunday afternoon, trying to put together the week's menu. Paloma is napping, Atticus is resting, Hatfield's at a playdate and Cliff is working. I should be running to the store to do my grocery shopping, but dare I say it? I hate to say it! I am all shopped out!

Yes, I was one of those insane, crazy women who went out shopping in the wee hours of Friday morning with two of my girlfriends. We met at Kohl's before their 5 am opening. My girlfriends were gunning for the $40 portable DVD players, and truth be told, we were a little shocked to discover that neither of them made the evening news, with their airdives and all (but being good Christian women, we made sure they handed out DVDs to all the women they dove over!)

We shopped so hard that we filled Debbie's minivan to the point where one of us needed to ride on the roof's kayak rack (not really--Melanie came in and saved the day with her minivan. Don't knock the minivan!). I so wanted a picture of the back of that van, but again, no batteries because we hadn't been to Target yet!

At Target we had a train table, an air hockey table, two kid's media chairs and a whole lottta toys loaded in ONE cart to the point where we looked like we were pushing the Grinch's sleigh after he loaded all the Whoo's presents on it and was headed back to Whooville.

That day of shopping didn't end until 2 pm. A second wind came over me that evening, so I bundled Hatfield up and off we went to hit some more stores. Saturday morning I awoke early to find that my hair was perfectly in place, which is very unusual. I decided that this was a sign from God that I should continue my shopping, so I did!

But now I am all shopped out. The thought of the grocery store is highly unappealing at this moment. But not more unappealing than sending Mr. Cliff out to the grocery store for me, where somehow the list that I wrote "apples, milk and eggs" magically translated into "Cheetos, Koolaid and ice cream." So the list is done, and off I go, to battle the lines and chaos once again.

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