Monday, October 09, 2006

Road Trip!

Saturday proved to be one of those marvelous, textbook fall days: crisp air warmed by the sun, trees showcasing their glorious colorful foilage, and the lure of apples to be picked and pumpkins to be chosen. So what did we do? We packed the kids up in Cliff's car and headed for the Pumpkin Patch Festival in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin on the famed Door County peninsula.

3 miles south of Egg Harbor traffic came to a standstill. A dead stop. Here in Wisconsin, if you're north of Milwaukee, this is virtually unheard of. Unless you're trying to get to Egg Harbor on beautiful weekend, and that weekend happens to be that of the Pumpkin Patch Festival.

45 minutes later we were cruising at our snail's pace through downtown Egg Harbor, just blown away by the throngs of people. That's throngs, people. And we have a huge stroller. And two walking kids. And boy does that all mix like oil and water.

So we just drove right though Egg Harbor and kept on driving north. We stopped at a fabulous pizzeria in Ephraim for lunch and then went on to Sister Bay, where we had a blast at their bayside playground.

Afterwards we browsed through candy shops, bookstores and window-shopped any store carrying "breakables." The kids' favorite part of Sister Bay? Discovering the restaurant with the grass roof, complete with resident goats who keep it nice and tidy for the owners. It's hard to tell by this photo, but Hattie and Atticus are standing beneath the grass roof, and at the very tippy-top of the roof there is a goat.

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