Sunday, October 15, 2006

Go Gamblers!

Last night we took Hatfield and Atticus to their very first hockey game: the Green Bay Gamblers' Season Opener at the Resch Center!

We attended the game with our dear friends Matt and Nola and their oldest son, Alec. Nola and I met nearly 5 years ago in Lamaze class when we were pregnant with our boys. Our due dates were barely 2 weeks apart, but Alec came two weeks early on May 1st, and Atticus came quite late on June 4th. We have been close friends ever since, and last year we experienced the joy in having another set of babies, Paloma and Jake, born mere days apart in August 2005.

Hatfield, Atticus and Alec all LOVED their very first hockey game. It was a fast-paced, exciting game, complete with a good fight or two. We sat behind one of the goals and were often treated to the loud "Crack!" of the puck hitting the safety glass, which the kids thought was the coolest. Green Bay won the game against Indiana 7-4, and as such Atticus and Alec were able to show off their smooth dancing skills to Gary Glitter's "Hey!" song every time our team scored a goal. Hatfield took the game much more seriously, opting to sit out on the dancing (and even a concession run with Dad and Atticus) to watch the game unfold; her experience and love of soccer really helped her to grasp the game of hockey.

We look forward to many more hockey games and fun times with our great friends in the months ahead!

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