Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Cliff and Sarah Go to White Castle

Just kidding!

Mr. C and I just had our semi-annual date night. Ideally, we aim to have a date night every other week, but throw in a hubby who does a lot of out-of-state travel, 2 kids, 1 baby, the occassional lack of a trusted babysitter (meaning Jimmy had the nerve to leave town, LOL!), piano lessons, dance class, flu bugs, sick dogs, runaway cats and a wife who is sometimes just too darn tired to go anywhere, and date night becomes a semi-annual event. While Cliff would have been thrilled with White Castle, he was a good sport and coughed up a good chunk of change to take me to a great Mediterranean restuarant on G.B.'s east side.

This particular date night was very special because it also included our annual couple photo. Throughout our courtship and 5 years of marriage, we have just a few pictures of Cliff and I as a couple. As it turns out, they have all been taken about a year apart, and indeed, the last one was taken around Thanksgiving of last year.

So here it is! Our blog debut for our 2006 photo! Stay tuned for our 2007 photo ;)

PS- About the White Castle thing. Really, I'm not a totally bad wife. When we lived in Milwaukee, Cliff treated Atticus and I to lunch at Racine's White Castle one day. I went willingly, without complaint, and even tried one of their little supposed-to-be-beef-but-I'm-guessing-it's-something-I-don't-want-to-know burgers (and without calling it such!). Atticus, aka Mini-Cliff, didn't have to pretend. He thought their "O"-shaped french fries were the coolest things since curly fries!

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