Saturday, August 12, 2006


Welcome to our family blog!

You may be wondering how our blog got its name, so we'll start with the creation story of how Cliff and I met. . . (nostalgic music playing)

Cliff is Chamorro and a native of Guam. At the time we met, he was living in Seattle, Washington and I in Green Bay, Wisconsin. We flipped a coin (just kidding), but it was decided that he would move to Green Bay after we were married nearly six years ago. Although we had a brief stint living in Milwaukee, WI, we've been in Green Bay the entire time.

I always tell people that you know it's true love when someone who has tropical blood running through them is willing to live in Wisconsin!

We hope you enjoy reading the posts about our family . . . Hatfield is now a beautiful 8-year old girl about to enter 2nd grade; Atticus is now 4 and will attend afternoon preschool, and our baby girl Paloma will be turning 1 (ONE!) on Tuesday!

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