Thursday, August 31, 2006

Sorry, Try Again!

Atticus is a creature of habit. Every morning he wakes up, gets himself dressed, drapes his green blankie over his head and comes down the stairs, saying, "Whooooo. . .Whoooooo. . ." Every morning I shriek, "Oh no, a scary green ghost!" He then reveals himself and says, "I'm not a ghost, I'm Atticus! I wub you!" and then he gives me a hug.

Immediately after the ghost scenario, he then requests the exact same breakfast every morning: "Trix-is-for-Kids-Yogurt please!" Every morning I hand him a cup of yogurt with his Spiderman spoon. And every morning he lifts open the foil lid of the Trix-is-for-kids yogurt to see if he won the contest that they're holding (truth be told, I don't even know what the contest prize is.) And EVERY morning the lid reads the same thing, "SORRY try again!"

And so every morning Atticus laments, "Oh no, Sorry, try again!" But being his happy-go-lucky self, he licks the lid and continues with his breakfast delight, renewed by tomorrow's hope that he could actually win this longed-for, unknown prize.

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