Monday, August 14, 2006

Paloma's First Birthday Party!

Hard to believe, but our little Paloma will be turning one tomorrow! To celebrate, we held a Big Birthday Bash here at our home on Sunday afternoon. We were so touched at how many members of our family traveled quite a distance to be here with us for this special occasion! The most special part of the day was that Great Grandpa Tony, Great Grandma Marian, Great Grandpa Joey and Great Grandma Fran were all here!

We had a great lunch prepared by Sarah and Jimmy, and topped it off with a yummy Noah's Ark birthday cake. Paloma received many adorable outfits and fun toys, but truth be told she was most entertained shaking the box holding the beautiful Rosary beds that Aunt Dorothy brought back from Europe for Hatfield.

Turning one is such a momentous occassion, but there is also a sigh of relief along with it. . . while we so very much miss the sweet baby who loved to snuggle in our arms, we are happy to say goodbye to the sleepless nights and early (4 am!) morning wakeups. Miss Paloma entertains us with her sweet disposition and love of exploring. She took her first steps this past week, and while she is still a bit wobbly, she'll no doubt be keeping up with Hatfield and Atticus shortly!

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