Monday, August 21, 2006

A Little About Hattie

Here we have it! Our 8-year old Hatfield Louise's FIRST all-exclusive interview . . .

Mommy: So tell us a little bit about yourself. Do you like to be called Hatfield or Hattie?
Hatfield: I like to be called Hatfield, or Hattie, or Hattie Lou. Sometimes my mom calls me LuLu and that's okay with me too.

M: Let's learn a bit about your favorite things. I'm going to rattle a list off and you tell me the first answer that comes to mind. Ready?
H: Ready!
M: Favorite Computer Game?
H: Zoo Tycoon! The green sea turtles are my favorite.

M: Favorite animal?
H: Bunny!

M: Favorite food?
H: Soup!

M: Favorite dessert?
H: Cherry Dilly Bars from Dairy Queen!

M: Favorite movie?
H: High School Musical

M: Favorite Song?
H: So You Had a Bad Day. They play it on American Idol and I love it!

M: Favorite Sport?
H: I like soccer because it's fun to pass the ball to my teammates and to try to score goals.

M: Favorite Flower?
H: Daffodils

M: Favorite fun thing to do this summer?
H: Going to Wisconsin Dells and Bay Beach!

M: How do you like being a big sister to both a brother and a baby sister?
H: It's fun to play with them because I love to play with little people.

M: Do you like your new house and living in Green Bay?
H: I really like my new house because I have the second biggest bedroom and the biggest closet.

M: What excites you most about second grade?
H: You get to bring a water bottle to school this year. I get to learn to write in cursive. I'm excited to make new friends.

M: What makes you proud about yourself?
H: Being the oldest in my family. I'm a really good helper to my Mom. I'm a good reader too.

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Darla Simmons said...

What a darling girl Hatfield is growning up to be. Thanks for the story. Granny Darla