Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Jen's Baby Shower

Well, another busy weekend has come and gone, and with it the last baby shower of the summer. My long-time and dear friend Jen is expecting a baby this October! I am just tickled that I FINALLY get to be an auntie, even if it is an honorary one. I can't wait for the little one to be born. . . this is the first time where I'll have the luxury of holding and playing with the little darling, and then being able to just hand them right back when they're fussy or stinky ;)

The shower turned out to be a very lovely affair, and the cake was so darn cute that I can't help but post a picture. I had ordered an identical one for Melanie's Mommy Shower, and both earned rave reviews from all the guests as it tasted as good as it looked. Thanks, Sam's Club!

This upcoming weekend is our last weekend before the start of the school year for Miss Hatfield, so we'll be certain to make it a good one for her.

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