Tuesday, August 29, 2006

First Day of Second Grade!

Hatfield is back home and thrilled to report that her first day of second grade was GREAT! "My favorite part of my day was organizing my chair and table." Her teacher, Mrs. J., is "really nice and fun." All the kids remembered Hatfield from the two weeks she spent there at the end of first grade, and already tomorrow she has her first playdate of the school year set up at her friend Sarah's home!

Keeping with family tradition, Atticus and I made a special cake to celebrate Hatfield's first day of school. Many moons ago, "Jimmy" (aka Sarah's mom) began this tradition with a special Cookie Monster cake on Sarah's first day of kindergarden. I'm so proud of Atticus because he managed to keep the cake a secret the entire walk home, and he presented the cake to Hatfield with a loud "Ta-Da!" and flourish of his arms!

We'll keep you updated about Hatfield's Second Grade Adventures as the school year progresses. . . it's a big year: more homework, cursive writing, and her Holy First Communion!

(A quick side note about the photos: the first three days of school are "non-uniform" days. Next week the plaid jumpers will be back!)

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