Thursday, August 17, 2006

Chipmunk Chaos!

My lord, did we have the excitement in our house yesterday morning!

It all began when I noticed that Ernie, our 3-legged, thyroid horomone-deficient beagle, and Ezra, our cat with "emotional issues," were acting much crazier than normal in the living room. They were scampering about one particular corner of the living room, and I just assumed that they were chasing about a housefly (one of their favorite activities) or an errant moth that somehow snuck in during the night.

I knew that wasn't the case when I suddenly heard them race into the kitchen, and in exact unison, slide headfirst into my stove. Ernie was barking, hair standing on end; Ezra was hissing; they were both going berserk trying to get under our stove! No, I knew right then that it was something much bigger, and in all likelihood: a mouse.

There are two great fears I have in my life: one is rodents, and the other is dead rodents. Ezra, a renowned mouser, has left many a "present" on our doorstep while Cliff has been away on business, and I have never found it beneath myself to bribe some neighborhood kid who I've never met before with five bucks to get it off my front porch.

Of course, luck would have it that Cliff was 6 hours away in the far reaches of the Michigan's Upper Peninsula. So what did I do? I called Josh, my close friend's husband and our good family friend, who I knew was on vacation for the week after the birth of their beautiful daughter, to come over and rid the house of this unwelcome pest.

With great kindness, he soon showed up with two of his girls, great chums of Hattie and Atticus's, in tow. He opened the stove's large bottom drawer and reported that sure enough, he saw two little rodent eyes peering out at him. At his request of a grilling tongs, I sent one of the kids in with that and a Target bag, while I held Paloma outside to make certain that a rodent wouldn't try to climb over her in an attempted escape ;)

Moments later, I heard loud screams. Suddenly 4 small children streamed into the backyard, shrieking that it wasn't a mouse, but a chipmunk! Just the thought of a rodent even bigger than a mouse made my knees go weak (yes, I realize what a huge baby I am, but for the sake of the blog, I will swallow my pride and report the truth). I herded all the children out to the side yard to play on the tree swings.

Crash! Boom! Thump! Thump! Crash! were the noises coming from the house over the next few painfully slow minutes. I paced about with panicked thoughts. Would our homeowner's insurance cover the cleanup of rodent blood on our carpet? Would Josh sue us if he got bit and needed to go in for a tetnus shot? What if it was a pregnant chipmunk and had babies behind the piano? My imagination was going haywire. . .

All thoughts were quickly diminished however, when our house hero came outside and reported the the house was rid of the chipmunk! The chipmunk was still alive, but quickly retreated to the safety of his outside home. In all likelihood, he entered the home when one of the kids probably left the screen door cracked open, and it was just a "fluke" that he had ventured into our abode.

So we have a new hero in the house: Josh! Thank you, Josh! The kids can't stop talking about the excitement and how brave Josh is and how mom "wanted to die." I'm just happy the rodent is gone!

Here's to hoping that today proves to be a very, very boring day!

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